Our History

Eaglerange Estate is situated in northeast Victoria, along the hills of the beautiful Happy Valley. This cool climate winery is part of the Alpine Valleys wine region and has derived its name from the watchful eagles that have made the surrounding area their home for many decades.

Early vines, buds burst

Frank and Tiziana walk their vineyard

Unique Happy Valley vineyard site

Tiziana’s pride of place, grape harvest

Our History

Eaglerange has been in the Ivone family for more then three generations, the property was first used for cattle, hay and chestnut trees. Eventually these  activities made way for the vineyard to be established. The first vines at Eaglerange Estate were planted in the spring of 1995.  Frank and Tiziana, with the help of Frank’s father, Luigi, and their daughters Natasha, Ashlee and Cassandra, planted each vine lovingly by hand. The Cabernet Sauvignon was the first variety to go in the ground, followed by the Merlot. Over the years other varieties such as Tempranillo, Riesling, White Frontignac and Saparavi have been added to the vineyard.

Part of the family heritage that stems back to past generations is the making of homemade salami. This artisan craft has been lovingly handed down to the current generation, which includes the ever-inquisitive grandchildren.

Our motto, “Set a Stout Heart to a Steep Hill”, has been part of the Ivone family from the time of the Great Depression and is still very much part of our everyday lives. In essence, when faced with adversity, be strong of heart and will.

The future of Eaglerange Estate lies within the talents of the next generation. Our children and their families carry with them the legacy of  past generations  into the future.

In Memory of Tiziana

Frank Ivone and his late wife Tiziana worked together as a team to plant and operate the vineyard; helped by daughters Natasha, Ashlee and Cassandra. Together the family created a prospering wine business on their picturesque Happy Valley property. Sadly, Tiziana, known as Tish, succumbed to a rare lung disease in December 2014. 

Frank explains that ‘so much of the success of the vineyard and the wines can be attributed to Tish. She had great vision and was an inspiration to us all. When I think back to what it was like in 1979 – just a paddock with a few chestnut trees – it is very satisfying to see it now, and we have wonderful memories of Tish and all the family working away together.’

As a family memorial to Tish, the Eagle Range Estate Three Daughters range of wines, named after Natasha, Ashlee and Cassandra is a nod to family involvement. And through these premium wines Tish’s warm influence lives on.